Another perfect day of my life

Everybody likes to take a holiday, everybody like to take a rest and spending time together with their family and sharing lots of happiness. Simple, that's just what life is about " You live life, You love life" .
Well, not everyday you can always get happy or enjoy yourself. There must some other day where you get down and felt quite a bored day. Don't feel like doing anything-----> (Lazy songs lyrics) I'm quite addicted to songs especially Bruno Mars, hehe... Love him sooo much too.
Now, I'm staying outside campus. Staying outside or which the UiTM would call as Non-Resident (NR) student can be quite a work cause you have to wake much earlier than those who are staying in the hostel to catch-up for the NR bus. But I'm enjoying it as my days seems to be much colourful as I paint different experience every single day. I'm much more happier as I got myself my own room and I can do anything I want with my room. Technically, somehow I'm just an erratic person and tends to love to be alone somehow (which you called it as privacy). One thing that would never change is that I love music so much and I like most music eventhough I don't even understand the language. As long it sounds good to my ears then I never stops listen to it.
It's just another not so perfect life but it's a perfect

to me ^^
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I ditch class !

For this week, I haven't entered any class. Gotten myself lazy. I went to KK for the whole day, I really needed to be scold for not ditching my class isn't it? Well, that's just me, I'll always do what I wanna do.
I'm quite happy went to KK with my housemate, we just went there and enjoy ourselves. I have fun but someone hurt my feeling too. It's just I haven't bought anything from their booth she said that I'm Bigaan (Filipino language) = !@#$%^&* .
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