My Journey to Pensiangan - LOL~

This is what happen, I eventually having my practical here at Institute for Development Studies Sabah a.k.a IDS. Well, I actually have 50-50 decision when I applied my practical training here, consider the location of the company itself. Whether I Apply/Don't apply and Send/Don't send my resume here. It' a total dilemma.~ But finally my decision Apply/Don't apply & Send/Don't send. It's a decision I have chosen as the other company was a total late in replying my application for their company. My journey here started with the "Pemantauan" as what they called it. Well hell ya, I got assigned to Pensiangan Team. At 1st I don't even know where exactly that place might be, so I started to discuss with my friends whether I can join their team @ not. Well, I got rejected as their team was full & I don't think I'm going to like it when I team up with them. This is because there's an annoying girl that I apparently dislikes her like a tonnes of rebelling attitude & a hell "NO" answer will always popped out when I'm with her. Gloomy days will strike me like "Totally!!!" Things has gotten the opposite way that I plan but Hey you'll never know what happen when you never been there right? It's worth to have a new experience isn't it? So, just go there little star ... There's 8 of us, 2 girls and the rest were boys. Guest what, my boss was quite a humorous person too (even his face). Keep it a secret.. Haha.. We had a lot of adventures and its kind a fun in its kind a way. There's lot of things I learn such as what other people way of living, thoughts and perspectives. The main thing that I can see is how well we (our team) co-operate with each other. These are some my treasures moment during the event.. Oh gosh, my face looks quite awful during that time. Hoho. But no worries, I did have my great deals with all of them. It's a total fun especially when we went for a cave journey. The bloodsucker thing was on my clothes. I got my whole body shaking (cause I'm freaking out). But it's an experience I never expected to happen and will stay in my mind forever. And the fact that I was with them enjoying the journey TOGETHER.
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Fundmental of Friendship

- Accept you as you are ( even though he/he is cuter than you) - Believes in you ( except when you said you are cuter than him/her ) - Celebrates your success ( When there's food and drinks!!!) - Defends you ( In a battle? ) - Encourage you - Forgive you no matter what ( Sometimes... ) - Gives you what you need ( except money$$$$ ) - Has patience with you ( but not fart.... Ngee~ ) - Inspires you - Judges you rarely but fairly ( But better judges them everyday LOL....) - Keeps your secret ( Really?? ) - Loves you for who you are ( But love your boy/girlfriend the best ) - Makes you feel better - Never abandon you ( Except when you are sleeping, eating... ) - Prods you - Quells your fear - Shares your joy and grief ( Not everyday or else you're in miserable ) - Tells you the truth ( Especially when you are a mess ) - Understand you best - Values you ( Is it related with money$$$ ? ) - Wants the best of you - Xpects the best of you - Yanks you back in reality - Zeros in on what's wrong ( Except FOOD!!! ) ENJOY YOUR FRIENDSHIP GUYS....
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Another perfect day of my life

Everybody likes to take a holiday, everybody like to take a rest and spending time together with their family and sharing lots of happiness. Simple, that's just what life is about " You live life, You love life" .
Well, not everyday you can always get happy or enjoy yourself. There must some other day where you get down and felt quite a bored day. Don't feel like doing anything-----> (Lazy songs lyrics) I'm quite addicted to songs especially Bruno Mars, hehe... Love him sooo much too.
Now, I'm staying outside campus. Staying outside or which the UiTM would call as Non-Resident (NR) student can be quite a work cause you have to wake much earlier than those who are staying in the hostel to catch-up for the NR bus. But I'm enjoying it as my days seems to be much colourful as I paint different experience every single day. I'm much more happier as I got myself my own room and I can do anything I want with my room. Technically, somehow I'm just an erratic person and tends to love to be alone somehow (which you called it as privacy). One thing that would never change is that I love music so much and I like most music eventhough I don't even understand the language. As long it sounds good to my ears then I never stops listen to it.
It's just another not so perfect life but it's a perfect

to me ^^
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I ditch class !

For this week, I haven't entered any class. Gotten myself lazy. I went to KK for the whole day, I really needed to be scold for not ditching my class isn't it? Well, that's just me, I'll always do what I wanna do.
I'm quite happy went to KK with my housemate, we just went there and enjoy ourselves. I have fun but someone hurt my feeling too. It's just I haven't bought anything from their booth she said that I'm Bigaan (Filipino language) = !@#$%^&* .
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It's been a while I haven't wrote @ posted anything in my blog. BTW, hello dear Blog.... Still 2 days to go for my SKP in UiTM, then it's going to be Sat & Sun then the next day will be the day that I go home. Sad? Definitely gonna be sad but yet happy I'm going to see my family back home. Sad feelings may come as I slightly have the possibility to meet my friends and that person (Here in KK of course).

Our Journey during the Academic Visit to SAZARICE
 It's does ruined my days somehow for these past few days as my migrain struck me like every single day lately. Felt like crying but I have to calm myself up if I want the pain to relief a.s.a.p. ------> (but it does hurt a lot) In addtion, it's been very rare that I've always been woke up early in the morning too, around 3.00 a.m. in the morning okay!? Weird, I'm tired but my body seems to have the alarm on that hour that I've always woke up.

Enough with the dilly dallying, seems that times flies by so fast, it's 2 months to go to start a new sem here. Hm... yet, I'm already missing my days with my friends, truly, miss them a lot. All I can do is looking at their picture if I remember them. Anyway, whenever, wherever they are right now, I hope they have a nice day.  
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Hadiah dari seorang Nenek??

Ketika aq pulang kekampung halaman... Aq bertemu dgn nenek ku yg berumur 89tahun.. Dgn rasa gembira aq mencium tangan nya dan bermula la dialog antar aq (Azman dan Nenek Tersayang )

Azman : Alhamdulilah nek, smpai juga hajat sy kemari bertemu dgn nenek"
Nenek : Syukur lah... nek pon ada hajat nk suh ko balik ni..
Azman : Apa dia hajat nenek tu?
Nenek : Kalo cucu dpt jawab... nek akan bgi aset tanah 200hektar berserta emas 2 karung kepada cucu.. tetapi dgn syarat cucu hendaklah menjawab teka teki nenek"

Lantas dgn persaan gembira aq pun berkata :

Azman : Lekas la nek apa dia soalan tu.
Nenek : Sabo la cu.. naik la kerumah dlu .. Nnti nek bgitau apa teka teki tersebut..
Azman : Baik la nek..

Pada Mlm tersebut slpas hbis mengerjakan solat isyak dgn pantas aq mendapatkan nenek...

Azman : Nek, tentang teka teki nenek apa tdi ek?
Nenek : Begini, nenek akan berikan 3 soalan.. tetapi hnya 1 jawapan kamu jawab drpda 3 soalan tersebut.. cucu boleh kan?
Azman : Insyallah nek..
Nenek : Soalan nya ialah knapa ubi kayu boleh jdi keras? Knapa gigi beruk boleh jdi sikit? Knapa pencuri boleh kna tangkap?
Azman : Hmm... Jawapan nye... tatau la nek...
Nenek : Cucu ni cbe la fikir skit... harta yg nenek nk bgi ni bkan sikit..
Azman : Baik la nek..

(Selama 3 jam aq berfikir sempat juga aq menanya kan soalan ini kpd mmber2 aq.. namun semua nya memberikan respon tidak tau sprti aq.. selepas aq mmbuat researh slma 3 jam bru lah aq mendapat jawapan nya.. tepat pada jam 7 pagi.. )

Azman : nek.. sy da dpt jawapan nya..
Nenek : apa dia?
Azman : jawapan nya ialah LAMBAT CABUT.
Nenek : ya.. betul.. itulah jawapan yg nenek fikir kan selama 50 tahun.. trimas cucu..
Azman : tapi nek.. mane dia hadiah yg nenek nk ksi tu?€
Nenek : amek ni & psword 1912nenek ... cucu pegi fesbok pstu bukak cityville.. tu la hadiahnya.. nenek da 50tahun maen mende tu >.
Azman : laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jauh sy datang nek dari BRAZIL dpt ni je? - -!

P.S. *A note from someone unknown from FB bt quite a fun note and amuse me... ^^

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