Some people get confuse with the means of honesty. But to be honest do you understand the terms of honesty anyway? Some people often says that as long as you do not mention anything about something it's equal to honesty. Really?  If that's the case then they do not know  what's the meaning of honesty then!?
                   Sometimes it's really difficult to spit out the word "TRUTH" especially when you had done something that would let others to worry about you, when you have done something wrong, when the truth may hurt others and truth may destroy someones life. It's just hard to live in this world especially when there's truth and lies but somehow these things are the elements that makes the world to go round and complete each other. Not every truth is bad and also that not every truth come up with positive effect. It is quite undeniable that somehow we need to tell lies depend on the situation.
                  I didn't teach you to tell lies but somehow if it's for good sake then you may do that, you don't want anything bad happens don't you? But when you ought to be very honest to someone, people would trust you with their whole heart without any doubts. I confess that I'm not very good with the word truth, I'd rather be quite than say anything that may hurt other people or something that may let other people worries about me. I don't feel much comfort in that situation. I would feel that I had become a burden to them but it also depends on the situation actually. In this case, I most likely to be quite & ate a lot of chocolate. hehe... It relieves, somehow there's an ingredients in the chocolate that can make my worries to go away in a speed of light ( I guess??? Hahahaha ) I love chocolate a lot = truth ^~^
                     When it was a small matter & that person cares about you a lot, you better tell them the truth cause they will feel that you do respect them. Other than that, they will always be pleased to help you in everything that you need and appreciate you as much as you appreciate them. It's hard to explain with words but I do know that Honesty is important but if that kind of honesty you need to tell was bad, sometimes you've be quite than say anything that may hurt other. But somehow, even though the truth may hurt, but sometimes it may change something whether it's for your own good or not but it will makes you strong. Life is that hard. In a nutshell, everything is depend on the situation.
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Been thinking A lot lately!!!???

                Get grateful now??? Huhu, A post from Nubia Group today. I like it a lot. ( Well, most of the post from Nubia Group I have always admire & like it so hahaha.. It seems like I do love everything from Nubia ) But to be precise, we should be grateful for all the times in our lives. Even though life gave us lemon, we should accept the lemon cause not everyday is a perfect day. Everybody has harsh time even for me. ^ ^       
                Some people just can't be grateful because they hated their fate a lot & always claim that fate can't be change. But what is fate actually? It seems that I barely understand the terms. Everybody say that fate had been written and only God knows what our fate is. Some people said that it is our decision to choose our path of life, but if we choose the right path would our fate change too? These things has been stuck in my mind lately cause I'm always wondering what my fate will be the next day. But if I keep on searching then I will loose myself so I just wait & see what my fate is going to happen in future. I can only do my best for today so I can keep on moving forward ( haha, quite the same as Disney's Meet the Robinson quote = Keep moving forward) without returning back. I have always says and stands for no regret!

                 The other thing is that really that hard to forgive someone mistake? Nobody's perfect in this world especially mortal. I'm a mortal, I've always done mistakes but if someone hurt my feeling I seems to be hardly forget the things they have done. Is that mean that even though I forgive the person fault but still I can't forget the things they have done to me count as I never do forgive them? I want to change, right now I'm trying to hold the word
" Give Change A Chance" & so far I manage to follow the meaning of these word. I hope everyone do too. If you carry the burden of not forgiving & forgetting someone's mistake even though they have apologize the things they have made, how can others  forgive & forget the things you have done to them? Isn't that the same?  (Karma I suppose? )


                   I'm not a total genius, that's my only opinion so I'm starting to change myself. Not entirely change, I'm still me just if there's a positive changes then I should follow the right line. Same goes to you too.... That's the way to create a good human capital in you even myself. Good Luck!

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Another game Of my Life

A quote that I given myself so that I can be strong & determine in my life.... I hope people don't accept it literally without understanding what I've mean...
Life's a game, you may win or you may lose. No matter what cards you get whether CLUB, SPADE or DIAMOND, alwaYs remember never play without A HEART.....
               Another amusing quote I've created for myself as you know I've always understand things the other way around. Wahaha..... I hope people can always put their heart effort in doing things, for me if you don't like something or someone, your heart will never be there & everything will fall apart. It's true right?

               Have you ever noticed when you were trying to get something done or understanding something, it's always gonna be hard if you do not like to do the stuff that you have to do? I still remembered my primary school days, where I studied for Form 4 & 5 in the Science Stream class cause everyone said I would score in the A - Level subject as I got flying colours in my PMR results( but I can't tell what the result really was cause it would be bragging... Hahaha ) Gee, I don't really like my Science Stream class. I've never studied & always love to skipped classes...  Huhu..
As a result, my SPM were in  bad grade. Quite a disappointed but things already happened & life should have no regret so I decided to continue to work as a stewardess. Really fortunate that I got the offer, it was my dream long time ago... Wow, it was so unbelievable & I was very Happy that time... But, just like people alwaYs said, you'll never know things that may happen in life. My grandfahther passed away the day I accepted the offer, so I can't go to Kuala Lumpur & accept for the offer from Transair cause we were sort of everything, many things happened that time.

                   It's just like a game, I've become a winner & at the same time I've become a looser. But I' just follow the flow of my life, I went to find a job. Then, a few months later, some of my school teacher asked me to continue study for Form 6 and I followed their advices even though my mom & dad doesn't really encourage me to do so cause they know that my heart was not in study anymore. Well, actually I've been offered to study in SMK Agaseh to study for Science Stream but I have made my decision not to. So, I'm taking economy....??? Well, I continued study at my previous school SMK Segama & my school doesn't offered many subject for Form 6, the only subject I can have there were history, P.Am, economy, geography & B. Malaysia... (but I Love this school a lot, got a lot of memories there so I decide to study whatever there are???) I have taken P. Am, BM, History & Economy.
                      Quite hilarious cause I don't have basic for economy subject, I was like blurry in my first day of class. ( Everything was like Ha?Ha?Ha?Ha? ) But, thank God I've got a lot of encouraging teachers & friends, I'm grateful that they cared about me so much. I've never alone. They have faith in me so I had to made my faith grow & keep it. Suddenly, I'm falling in love with the subject that I've taken in Form 6, I'm glad. To tell the truth I'm not struggling in my study that much maybe cause I love the subject, my heart was there. I've succeed & now here I am in U_ _ _ (???). Maybe I've destined to be here..... But still my heart does belong somewhere & I missed them especially my Beloved Family, Parish Youth Apostolate (PYA) Family, my Guitar & to a place where spring time is filled with Cherry Blossom.. I wish I can be there a.s.a.p, I know it's gonna  be A wonderful feeling...  

I wish I can be just like that girl in the picture watching my favourite flower to bloom.... A wondrous place I like to be with my loved ones. My Dreams always gonna be a reality, I hope.
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Kerana Bosan maka....

Cuaca petang ne sungguh panas, bosan pula saya dalam bilik. Tak banyak perkara yang boleh dilakukan.
Roomate saya semuanya nyenyak tidur, gue pula yang tak dapat tidur sebab dah menjadi satu kebiasaan bagi gue untuk tidak tidur di waktu petang ( Ada orang kata jika seseorang itu tidur di waktu petang maka otaknya akan menjadi lembab??? Hahaha.... ) Ayat inilah yang telah mengubah tabiat aku untuk tidur di waktu petang agaknya, sebaliknya pada waktu-waktu yang lain, selalu pula saya ni tidur.... Hahaha.... ( Sleepy head )
                        Apa lagi, pada waktu lapang macam inilah saya paling suka dengar lagu, macam dah jadi orang yang pekak pula tu, langsung tak pedulikan bunyi-bunyi yang lain... Apa tidaknya, dengar dalam nada maksimum... hahaha....
Sejak saya berada kat UiTM ne, macam-macam perkara yang berlaku. Ingatkn boleh juga jadi pelajar yang LP ( Low Profile ) di tempat ni... Bukan apa cuma, kalau HP ( High Profile ) ni, macam-macam kritikan yang akan kita dengar terutamanya jika ada orang yang kurang suka akan kita... TAPI..... Susah pula kalau jadi macam tu kat sini, nanti apa-apa perkara yang berlaku di sekeliling kita tidak tahu... Macamlah tak biasa, padahal masa sekolah menengah dulu pernah juga jadi ketua pelajar sekaligus jadi ketua pengawas sekolah... Cuma bezanya saya masih baru kat tempat ni, perasaan takut tu masih ada.... Mahu tak mahu terpaksalah aktif dalam apa-apa bidang yang berkaitan dengan kemampuan... Pedulilah apa orang lain nak kata & fikir, sometimes critics makes us strong...
Kelab Mandarin lagilah, tak sangka pla jadi bendahari untuk next Semester... Waduh-waduh, kerja mengumpul duit nilah yang paling gue ngak suka ne...
Takkanlah aku ni ditakdirkan untuk bersahabat dengan Mr Crab??? Dia ni lagi???

Asyik-asyik duit saja yang diutamakan....
Walaubagaimanapun, dah menjadi undian majoriti so aku kenalah terima cabaran ini.... Apa boleh buat...??
 Hm... Banyak juga laman web yang saya layari hari ini.... Suka pula saya dengan apa yang saya download ne.....

 If I had A second chance??? Hm... Bagi saya pula, peluang kedua ni hanya layak bagi orang yang benar-benar menghargainya.. Begitu juga dengan persahabatan, saya tak pernah meragui keikhlasan daripada rakan-rakan saya. Seandainya mereka melakukan sesuatu yang benar-benar melukakan hati ini, (Aiseh...) saya tidak benci akan apa yang mereka telah lakukan dan juga dapat memaafkan mereka. Namun, kesannya akan dirasai kerana saya akan cuba mengasingkan diri daripada orang itu secara perlahan-lahan walaupun mereka sudah meminta maaf... ( Semua orang pun macam itukan?? Mungkin??? ) tanpa mereka sedari... 
                      Dah puas dah saya rasakan perasaan ini cuma saya hanya boleh salahkan diri sendiri kerana mempercayai mereka sebelum ini... Apa nak buat, saya ni mang orang yang tak ketentuan pun... ( ERRATIC I supposed to say ) Even some of my friend pun cakap aku ni orang yang sukar difahami, tak ada ribut @ taufan tiba-tiba jadi senyap dan kadangkala menjadi seorang yang bising pada hari yang sama... Apa-apalah yang penting gue bahagia... Hahaha....^~^
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For Special People In Your Life....

They were designed by Peter Van de Werken, who owns a flower company close to Den Bosch in southern Holland.
Rainbow roses are real roses, but they can't be purchased as a rose bush. They are only available as cut or dried flowers.
These special roses are made by inserting dye into the stem of the roses while they are growing, which results in the color being absorbed by the petals of the flower.
They are not easy to make, as they take a bit of careful engineering.
Rainbow roses are used to create unusual and striking floral arrangements, wedding bouquets, and they are often given as gifts.
People either love them, or hate them.
There is no middle ground with these brightly colored flowers in shades of blue, purple, green, orange, pink, and yellow.

How Much Are Rainbow Roses?
It's A Blooming Business has rainbow roses in brilliant arrangements and various pricepoints.
For example, 5 rainbow roses in a bouquet of greenery starts at $55(RM179.307), and 2 dozen rainbow roses can cost as much as $325(RM1,059.54).

Now, if you are going to spend a small fortune on rainbow roses, you may want to consider the freeze-dried version that you can keep around for years at a time. Freeze-dried rainbow roses are available from a place called Happy Roses. Happy roses are shipped from the Netherlands to all over the world.
The fact remains, these beautiful and unique roses are difficult to come by as there are very few vendors selling rainbow roses.
For a similar look and feel you can purchase a rainbow bouquet of flowers where each flower is a different color. This still makes a beautiful bouquet that will brighten up your home or wedding. Some examples of this are the Just Splendid Roses, or the Brilliant Beauty, both are offered by Teleflora.

Designed:- by Peter Van de Werken.. ^~^
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Best Day of My Life !!

I have NO IDEA what to post inside my BLOG....
My mind has suddenly JAM ??? Maybe it's because of the weather here...
Seems to be everyday my head will have migrain lately, so very uncomfy & I really hate it A lot !!! (T.T) felt like crying....  My head spins..... @.@
But it's OK, A Smile is an act of love.... Let us then have A SMILE & in this way be a source of JOY !!!
 It's actually a quote written by P.Charles but Sister Rusiah is the one who reminds me the word...
Somehow, I thought that maybe she's the one who wrote the quote... Kidding... ^~^
I have not much problem after I entered UiTM ( a wonderful place I've been ), just some MONETARY problem.... hu....
It's not just me actually but Every PART 1 student.... Everyone would just have the words :
"To all part 1 student, please pay BLAh BLAh BLAh..." It seems like everyone has become
Mr. Crab (Sponebob Squarepants) in this place... Hehehe......
Every night, there would be Dikir practise in cafeteria A. So loud & somehow disturb my concentration quite a bit... but I Understand ^~^
 Poor them, they have to sleep late too....
 I have fun though.... Seems to be like everyone is nice in my sight  obeservation...
I'm Happy ^~^
Just like = No money no talk, no PAin No gain......
So, stop complaining young lady!!!!
Peace can be found inside you.....

( You Go Girl!!! )
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Fill up your days with lots of emotions!