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It's been a while I haven't wrote @ posted anything in my blog. BTW, hello dear Blog.... Still 2 days to go for my SKP in UiTM, then it's going to be Sat & Sun then the next day will be the day that I go home. Sad? Definitely gonna be sad but yet happy I'm going to see my family back home. Sad feelings may come as I slightly have the possibility to meet my friends and that person (Here in KK of course).

Our Journey during the Academic Visit to SAZARICE
 It's does ruined my days somehow for these past few days as my migrain struck me like every single day lately. Felt like crying but I have to calm myself up if I want the pain to relief a.s.a.p. ------> (but it does hurt a lot) In addtion, it's been very rare that I've always been woke up early in the morning too, around 3.00 a.m. in the morning okay!? Weird, I'm tired but my body seems to have the alarm on that hour that I've always woke up.

Enough with the dilly dallying, seems that times flies by so fast, it's 2 months to go to start a new sem here. Hm... yet, I'm already missing my days with my friends, truly, miss them a lot. All I can do is looking at their picture if I remember them. Anyway, whenever, wherever they are right now, I hope they have a nice day.  
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