My Journey to Pensiangan - LOL~

This is what happen, I eventually having my practical here at Institute for Development Studies Sabah a.k.a IDS. Well, I actually have 50-50 decision when I applied my practical training here, consider the location of the company itself. Whether I Apply/Don't apply and Send/Don't send my resume here. It' a total dilemma.~ But finally my decision Apply/Don't apply & Send/Don't send. It's a decision I have chosen as the other company was a total late in replying my application for their company. My journey here started with the "Pemantauan" as what they called it. Well hell ya, I got assigned to Pensiangan Team. At 1st I don't even know where exactly that place might be, so I started to discuss with my friends whether I can join their team @ not. Well, I got rejected as their team was full & I don't think I'm going to like it when I team up with them. This is because there's an annoying girl that I apparently dislikes her like a tonnes of rebelling attitude & a hell "NO" answer will always popped out when I'm with her. Gloomy days will strike me like "Totally!!!" Things has gotten the opposite way that I plan but Hey you'll never know what happen when you never been there right? It's worth to have a new experience isn't it? So, just go there little star ... There's 8 of us, 2 girls and the rest were boys. Guest what, my boss was quite a humorous person too (even his face). Keep it a secret.. Haha.. We had a lot of adventures and its kind a fun in its kind a way. There's lot of things I learn such as what other people way of living, thoughts and perspectives. The main thing that I can see is how well we (our team) co-operate with each other. These are some my treasures moment during the event.. Oh gosh, my face looks quite awful during that time. Hoho. But no worries, I did have my great deals with all of them. It's a total fun especially when we went for a cave journey. The bloodsucker thing was on my clothes. I got my whole body shaking (cause I'm freaking out). But it's an experience I never expected to happen and will stay in my mind forever. And the fact that I was with them enjoying the journey TOGETHER.
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