Our Mandarin Movie!!!

A last minute project to be precise but worth the risk cause we have done our best. I hope next time we would try our very best to produce another interesting movie and again become the next uninvited artist. Wahaha..... Maybe the next time you'll see me as the real Director ( In your dreams?? ) Well, everyone can have one don't they?
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Wednesday 6 October = I'm proud of you Sir..

            Another great person that I know has made another great achievement for himself and even for my school. He's been my idol for the time I was studying in SMK Segama Lahad Datu during my secondary school. 
            For your information, My ex-Teacher namely Sir Dexter Silam, has been well-known in my hometown because of his ability to deliver his speech in front of the public. He's a public speaker and a debater too. I like the way he presented his speech and his courage to be in the center stage. Never told anybody about this before but actually he's the reason I encourage myself to get involve in debate and public speaking. I'm a talkative person since I was a little kid and so I thought that I should let myself involve in this kind of competition than having childhood dilemma (Huhuhu....).
             Sir Dex has won a lot of competition for a long time already, he represent sabah for debates and speeches and he's been one of the best student in University Malaysia Sabah. I've been to his house before, you can see all his achievements all over the frame in his house. I'm envy of him a lot. This time he won another Speech competition and you can see his face in the Berita Harian 6 October 2010 ( I'm jealous3x !!!! )

              Well, I've only represented Sabah once as a english orator in the Anti-Corruption Agency once I was nominated as winner for the state level. It was all Sir Dex guidance that I got to Johor for the National Level to compete with other best orator. I'm so excited and it was totally unbelievable that I did won the competition in Keningau. Sir Dex once told me before, nothing is impossible if you really put your effort in it. I think that it's true somehow. When I got to the National Level, I was in 4th place but it was a total great experience of my life.
Thanks Sir for the wonderful days.
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HBU 111 = Jalan Lasak 9/10/ 2010

            Another compulsory activity of mine in this University. Wow, this time people has said it as 'Jalan Lasak' . I know it's hard for all of us to get to phase 3 as soon as possible without cooperation between the whole team. 
            We start at 8.00 a.m. but first of all, we ate first. Well, hahaha... As far as I knew, eat is important for all especially me... FYI, I'm Charlie's Squad member. We won the marching thing the other day and we hope to win for these tournament too. We got the spirit and we always cooperate with each other and I've always knew that we can do it if we put our heart and effort in it. But, if we doesn't win that day, I won't get ashamed cause we got a lot great people as friends and team mate. As long as we're having a good relationship of friendships, it's enough for me. I love my friends a lot. They are special in their way and love it for that. 
            We're the 6th team that would encounter the challenge to be as fast as we could to get to phase 3. Got a lot of mountain to climb... Huhu... I was hoping we could be the first team to start the journey cause if we start early, we can rest early and the weather won't be that hot and killing our skin. My skin has burnt and looks like a Zebra somehow. Our turn start exactly at 12 noon. I can't barely stand the hot and burning sun that day but I'll do my best for my team of course. I'm not that good when expressing my feeling, that day I was worrying about somebody. A close friend of mine, I know she's quite stubborn and I can't stop the things that she wanted to do. Looks like my dilemma was true, she got sick before we can get to phase 3. It's a relief that we've got medic on that day.

             It's a lot of challenge before we can get to phase 3, we have to carry 5 bag pack maybe around 10-12kg. No idea but it's much more heavier than a sack of 10kg rice. I tried to carry it too, it's heavy for sure. After we get to the top, we were running. The feeling was uneasy when you're running while carrying a heavy bag pack, I'm feeling sick. I feel like I want to vomit. It's a good thing I didn't do that. Hahaha...
           We got 3rd place and we proud of that. Never thought that we can achieved a good place. 1st place, of course the Alpha with 23 minutes, 2nd place was Golf with 25.57 second, we got 3rd place with 26.02 second. We lose just a few seconds but it's ok. We're the best team BTW. 

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I've realized something Important

                 Nobody's perfect in this world especially human. We often made mistakes without notice that we might hurt somebody. Well, at least I notice it earlier and I think it's not that bad if you realize it much more earlier. Hahaha... 
                    I realized something last night that even I'm quite friendly but still I got some rude manner. I don't know why it stuck into my head last night. I found out that I somehow spoiled my good relationship to my friends with my words. You know, the way I talk to somebody especially when I don't like something. Hai.... What's happening to me, being rude is not the best way to treat someone but I kept on going to act like one. This is so unbelievable.

                     Seems like I've always hurt all of my precious person.... I really don't mean it but the words of the rude always come out of my mouth non-stop somehow. Hm.... 

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