Another busy day

Today is another busy day of my life, I got so many things in my mind but It's hard to ''shout'' it all out.
                   I've becoming a lot more blurry this time than usual. Quite lucky that I have my friends by my side that support me, that will do. I'm quite happy for it although sometimes my grumpy face showed up. To be precise, I'm kind a tired these few days but I'll take it as challenges for me this year so I have to deal with it. In another word, "I know I can do it!". My friends have faith in me so I have to trust myself too. ^^

                   I'm involve into another big problem in the century of my life which everyone would probably blame it on me for it. It's just that I couldn't have it other way, I have to deal with it. It is slightly my fault actually for trusting that person.
  Never been in such problem before this. I got issues with my course registration and all the environment around me. Seems like problems keep on come and go. Sad? A bit, even the rainy days describe the feeling I've felt right now. Hoping for a miracle from God, I'll just pray.
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Great Faith That Smiles Is Born Of Great Trials

Faith is something that we really should appreciate if somebody has given it to us.
The one of the things that we really have to treasure it the most, faith in God, friends and families.

According to the author Helen Steiner Rice:

           It's easy to say, "in God we trust" when life is radiant and fair 
           But the test of faith is only found when there are burdens to bear
           for our claim to faith in the "sunshine" is really no faith at all
           For when roads are smooth and days are bright,
           Our need for God is small
           And no one discovers the fullness or the greatness of God's love
           unless he has walked in the "Darkness" with only a light from above
            For the faith to endure whatever comes is born of sorrow and trials
            And strengthened only by discipline and nurtured by self-denials
            So be not disheartened by troubles for trials are the "Building Blocks"
            On which to erect a fortress of faith, secure on God's " Ageless Rocks"

It's very true isn't it? Well, as we all knew, nobody's perfect in this world. Even right now, some people may have not found their faith yet. It seems to be harder than we think it is. No matter how hard we try. Human are fragile but the days of our life makes us strong through experience. 
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Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can - Danny Kaye

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Weird?? !@#$%%^&*

Pada suatu petang yang sunyi, si kurus berasa lapar lalu mengajak si gemuk untuk keluar makan bersamanya ke KFC. Sampai sahaja ke restoran KFC tersebut, maka bertanyalah si kurus kepada si gemuk ,

Kurus   : Gemuk, ko nak makan apa?
Gemuk : Biar saya berfikir sejenak, saya risau akan kandungan kolestrol 
                yang tinggi dalam makanan. Oleh itu, saya nak kuirangkan order
                saya pada hari ini.
Kurus   : Ok, saya faham. Take your time. Saya order dinner plate saja ne. 
Gemuk : Hm, tolong orderkan saya 15 ketul ayam, 5 gelas cola large size,
                7 ice-cream sundae, 8 cheezy wedges dan 5 burger ayam. 
Kurus   : Banyaknya gemuk. Napa tak order kentang goreng sekali?

Dengan yakinnya si gemuk berkata...

Gemuk : Hm? Tak nak ar sebab kentang goreng boleh membuatkan 
               seseorang itu betambah gemuk.Tau tak!
Kurus    : ??? @#$%&*

Seorang guru tadika unknown telah mengarahkan para muridnya ke padang sekolah untuk melukis pemandangan yang sedang berlaku di padang tersebut. Guru tersebut menganggap bahawa lukisan yang bakal dilukis oleh murid-muridnya akan kelihatan lebih comel kerana para muridnya hanya berumur majoriti 6 tahun. Dilihatnya pemandangan lembu yang sedang memakan rumput adalah lebih mudah untuk dilukis maka dia pun menyuruh mereka untuk melukis keadaan tersebut.Dia memberikan mereka masa sejam untuk melukisnya
           Sejam selepas itu, dia pun meminta para muridnya untuk menghantar lukisan tersebut dan kebanyakan muridnya melukis dengan baik sekali. Tiba-tiba, ada seorang murid yang menghantar sehelai kertas kosong kepadanya lalu dia pun bertanya kepada budak itu,

Guru : Abu, kenapa kamu menghantar kertas kosong kepada cikgu?
Abu   :  Cikgu kata lukis ikut apa yang Abu nampak, Abu ikut arahan cikgu sahaja.
Guru : Mana rumputnya Abu?
Abu   : Lembu dah makan cikgu.
Guru : ( Guru tersebut berasa bingung ) Kalau begitu, mana lembunya?
Abu   : Owh, lepas lembu tadi dah makan, lembu dah kenyang cikgu, terus lembu 
            tu pergi jauh dari situ.
Guru : @#$%^&*!
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Whatever you are, Be a good one - Abraham Lincoln

Hello Blog! Long time no post, Hahaha... Another semester has started this week, my spirit this year has totally drop down badly. I felt no spirit at all this year. A person has totally ruining my days but i know I should don't think about it. If that person knew and still thought that I was his friend then he wouldn't do such thing. I hope he get calm and consider about others.

            Enough for the bad feeling, well this year is a new year and everyday is a new day so I should get started of something new and fresh. ^^ The class this year is quite a different. I've got many new classmate and new lecturers too. Simply put, I had fun during my classes. I knew it's a good thing. Well, according to Collin McCarty, life is a series of new horizons, new hopes, new days, and changes that comes. And we all need these things time to time. 
            Remember these things : Dream it. Do it and Discover how special you are. Be positive then you will attract positive energy and at the same time it will affect the outcome of many things. Ask for help when you need it: seek the wisdom the world holds and hold on to it. Make some progress every single day. Begin. Relieve and Become. Give yourself all the credit you're due: don't short change your qualities, your abilities, or any of the things that are so unique about you. remember how precious life can be. Imagine. Invest the time it takes to reach out for your dreams: it will bring you happiness that no money on earth can buy. don't be afraid: no mountain is too big to climb if you do it at your peace.
             What's the best thing to do? That's simple: Do Your Best. And everything else will fall into place and open the gate of your success...
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