Marching! Marching! Marching!

            Marching? Haha, Definitely not my favourite Kokum since I was in my High School Days....
The most weird part was that I never stop joining marching activities though. Well, back then it's because my school don't really have much student so that's the reason I take part I guess? 

             Without notice that I'm actually like Marching day by day. Usually, I would have that grumpy looks on my face every Monday as we have marching practices. I really don't like to be shouted all times but I never shows my opposite attitude towards any commander. They're my seniors, I had to respect them as they have staying here much more longer than I am. I don't care how old they are I would always respect as they do. Cause we can't forget for who we are, manners what's the most important thing in this life that's for sure

             Today we were having our Marching Competition. Some mistakes happens when we were inside the battle field & our commander was feeling guilty about it. She never stops blaming herself for the mistake that she has done & somehow our group doesn't really care about it as long as we do our best together. We even jokes around and it never stops. Even though, we come from different courses, races, religion and ages, we still can co-operate with each other. This is what I really happy about my team mate. Maybe that's the reason we won 1st prize in the competition. Go Charlie Go!
                           ANOTHER SWEET MEMORIES...
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Got lazy Haha!!

            Wow, I'm already back to Cluster... I'm too darn sleepy & exhausted. My mind is out of these place, still thinking about my holidays... Hehe...
             Everything was on vacation during my 2 weeks holiday, I had become a slow poke and rest quite a lot too. Never thought of study, my assignment were in a grinding halt situation. I think I might be doomed for it. Why Am I so lazy nowadays? I should bring along some hardworking pills, the main point is, are there really hardworking pills? Hello.... This is not a fairytale or even Doraemon was not real, it's just fantasy young lady... Get real, you're in reality.
            Do not let yourself to be a lot of rest or you will be left behind, get a lot of reality check or you'll stay in dreams forever.
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I hurt A friend's feeling

Yesterday was one of my great experience in this place called U _ _ _ . Hehe.. There's some senior who offered us to go out to eat again, I'm really excited seemed like everybody was quite friendly here. The best part was the seniors offered us that the meals were their treat for us ( Eco class ), well which person would reject that right? They offeres to sent us to 1B and they too sent us back to our klaster. ^~^
          We went there for two trip, Girls first then Boys. Before we went for 1B, one of my gal friend says she had to meet her father first so we left her in Indah Permai first as the senior said she would pick her up later. What's so surprising was the senior had forgotten to pick her up that day.. I was quite surprise, I wasn't expecting this thing can happen. I'm not the one who's driving so I have no right to voice up. All 7 of us were there but we lack of someone. I didn't forget about her existence just I'm stuck in the middle, I'm worried about her and at the same time I'm scared to asked my senior to go and pick her up as I thought it would be very disturbing.
            I was trying to reach my friend but then suddenly my friend called me and ask, I was like speechless that time. My throat was out of words to say, I felt guilty. She's mad and I knew she would. Who can't be mad when someone had totally forgotten about you? If I was in her place, I would felt that my friends had abandoned me and at the same time I would felt like crying cause I'm alone. Well, I'm reaaally am Sorry my friend.
            I got back to Klaster A about 8.50 p.m. , I rushed to my room & got change then I went to her room. I'm trying to spit the word sorry and I did. It's just that, I'm sucks when the heart to heart talks came up. I've never told anyone about my feeling even to mom, no idea why it's always hard to do that. Maybe cause I've used to depend on myself since I was little. I've never even told about myself to my family except that I have no choice. My mom was kind a strict and always angry back then so maybe it's the effect of that I've became like this. Really sucks with feelings related conversation.....
             My friends and I really did felt guilty, we want to talk to my friend about the things that had happened last night. But we didn't know how to spit the words. I hope she really understand that we've trying to reach her, we do care about her a lot. She's our friend and always will be.

Well, I dedicated this song for my friend it's a song from Miley Cyrus entitled Right Here. 
I hope you like it. ^~^

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31 August 2010!

             Pada bulan kemerdekaan kali ini, saya tidak berpeluang untuk berjalan-jalan bersama keluarga untuk sama-sama menyambut hari merdeka seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Namun, itu bukanlah batu penghalang untukku menenangkan minda dan bersuka ria. Walaupun kawan aku yang mengajak aku untuk keluar mungkir janji, masih ada lagi kawan yang lain yang boleh menemani aku.I'm lucky for that.
             Tidak dinafikan, aku keluar dengan " Queen of teasing " ke 1 Borneo kali ini. Dia membawa aku keluar bersama bekas rakan sekelasnya. Pada mulanya, gue rasa kekok bangat !! Apa tidaknya, ramai pula kawan dia hampir the whole class pla tue.. Takpe, aku ne pandai gak menyesuaikan diri m'ngikut keadaan... Bak kata pepatah Masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang lembu mnguak.It's a good thing kawan-kawan Ain ne quite hospitality, they treat me like one of them. It's really a relief. Ada seorang kawan dia nak ke Universiti of Liverpool, hu..... Hebat... I'm quite envy of him.
              Ketika aku sedang membuang masa ne, aku terjumpa pla kamcing aku time skul menengah dulu. Sempat jg berbual ngan my ex-schoolmate. Langsung tak berubah budak ne, masih macam dulu gak perangai hantu dia tue. Bgus jugalh, aku pn tk pernah berubah. Paling gue ngak sangka, kawan dia yang dia bawa jalan-jalan tu cakap ngan aku      " Cara & gaya-gaya ko bercakap ne melucukan pla " I was like, really? Well, I dont care that's Okay as long as they felt amusing Hahaha....
              Kami pergi ke pusat permainan, bermain bowling, watching movies & yang paling penting... EAT ( sewaktu berbuka ) ! Entahlh kenapa time ne t'ingin sangat gue jalan-jalan, macam ada sesuatu yang membuat ku rasakan bagai ada kekurangan pada hari itu. Nasib baik ada juga orang yang sanggup menemani aku jalan-jalan. Disebabkan terlalu happy, lewat pula tue kami pulang klaster. Nasib baik ada kawan aku Hadi yang kebetulan terlupa bawa pulang laptop dia yang telah ditinggalkan dalam 1B... Adakah patut tapi disebabkan dia terlupa bawa laptop dia tuelah aku dapat pulang dengan free & awal skit. Huhu... Definitely, I'm really am lucky, I guess??? 
             Apa -apa pn, I had fun, knowing so many friend in just one day even without my family. BTW, Selamat menyambut Bulan kemerdekaan semua... ^~^
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